Mary J. Blige isn't dealing with the criticism of her awkward Hillary Clinton video very well.

For their February/March 2013 issue, VIBE Magazine calls on ‘The Queen To Reign’ all over the cover. As VIBE celebrates their 20th Anniversary, there is no other person better to take the cover than Mary J Blige. Blige’s debut album, Whats The 411, was released in 1992 and 20 years later, MJB, is still a […]

For the very first time, Mary J Blige is speaking out about the infamous Burger King Chicken Wrap commercial. Though she reportedly got $2million dollars for the spot, the humiliation and backlash she got from the mix-up with Burger King, she was crushed. Mary J Blige told the Radio Personality, “I would never just bust […]