Nicki Minaj may be turning 30 today, but she isn’t really celebrating. Especially when it comes to the Grammy’s! Last year around this time, Nicki was smiling ear to ear with 3 nominations and preparing for her performance. This year, not so much. When the Grammy nominations were announced on Wednesday, Nicki Minaj names was […]


Nicki Minaj declares she is our “leader” in her latest video, off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Will you follow your leaders Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Cam’ron and check out the video ‘I Am Your Leader’? If so, press play! **Video contains explicit lyrics** Nicki Minaj Unveils Fragrance Bottle Nicki MInaj Cancels UK Tour

Nicki definitely knows how to flip the script! She came back as underground Nicki with this new track, same powerful metaphors but without the multiple personalities. I have to admit she is holding it down for all her fans. From pop to hardcore hip-hop, this new album seems to have a lot of surprises. Check […]