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This is CRAZY!!!! And I can’t say I understand this one…ok so here’s the deal:

According to these two:

Back in the day when Diddy was up & coming Katrina Medina’s son was on stage with Diddy and supposedly Diddy said he was gonna help them out with the son’s “budding’ career (fyi he was 9 then and is 22 now…I’m just saying!)

So while the interview is in their home, they talk about how they didn’t and still don’t have any money and they feel Diddy owes them…but when they “reached out” to Diddy allegedly he was dodging them.

Now on to Will Smith…she claims that while her brother was managing Willy from Philly…that Will said he would try to help them as well. So Will set up a free internship at the film he was working on the movie set…and these 2 are upset because it was an unpaid internship (I mean d*mn…us regular folk can’t get an internship on the movie set just cuz)

But anywho, when the interviewer asks about Will’s sexuality…Katrina Medina says I don’t know but I have a gut feeling…since when is it ok to try to out people based on your gut? I mean I know the rumors have been floating around for years…but at this point they are JUST rumors.

The craziness continues…peep the video