The drama between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster is getting uglier by the day. Their custody battle is spilling out of the courtroom and onto social networking sites.

A picture is circulating that shows Tameka Foster smirking while Usher is visibly upset in court. Instead of leaving well enough alone, the “Let Me See” singer posted the photo on Facebook with the caption, ‘how can you get this much joy out of someone pain? smdh.’ Because of the amount of fans Usher has on Facebook, the photo and caption was shared 1,126 times. On top of that, the photo was liked by 27,176 of Usher’s fans.

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After catching wind of Usher’s latest photo upload, she responded by posting two statements on Twitter. Usher’s ex-wife told her Twitter, “God & truth are my publicists! Who shall I fear? I’m armed with the truth, but sadly u may never hear it. As long as my family & I know.” Foster then went on to say, “Thanks 4 ur well wishes& prayers. Its just ME against a major ‘machine’. So things will appear one sided. Oh the power of pr teams.”

These two need to go have a stadium full of seats. This is ridiculous for grown people to be dragging each other through the mud just so the other won’t be able to see the kids. While it looks like Usher and Tameka are focused on their respective images in the court of public opinion, their kids are being affected by this custody case. How about they worry about the children rather than what inconsequential people think?


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