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Jay-Z is charged. Literally. Just a week after declaring that his baby’s bedroom should room make most rappers consider retiring,  he drops even more proof of his commercial reach.


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Earlier this week Duracell released the new ad for their Powermat charging device featuring pitchman Hov and now he’s followed up with the ad to his Budweiser Made In America Festival happening in September.  In the latter Jay-Z offers his thoughts on the continued tanning of America:

Through all the lines and things that are put in place to divide us,  all  like-minded people gather together. We’re more curious than ever. We create music to express ourselves and when the world relates that’s a beautiful thing.

We’re all trading off each others culture so no matter  what lines you put–country, indie, rock, rap–we’re all somehow gonna  find a way to come together because the lines and titles can never keep us apart.

This is what we’ve been. To put that on display for the world is just being honest. That’s it, that’s what it’s all about.  We are finally living out our creed.

Check out the two commercials below. Is Jay-Z Hip-Hop’s greatest pitchman?

Budweiser – Makers Of Tomorrow

Jay-Z’s Duramat commercial:

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