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Never one to let go of an opportunity to voice his opinion, the always candid Ne-Yo opened up to Upscale magazine about his thoughts on the music industry, how it’s made him bitter to a degree in addition to his thoughts on success and all that goes with up – i.e. rumors about his sexuality.

Excerpts below:

How does Ne-Yo feel about the state of the music industry?

“When did it become not about the music and about how quick you could take your shirt off or how many times you’ve been arrested in a year, or who you f–kin’? When did that become more important than the quality of the music?

What are his thoughts about the status of his career?

“I’ve been in the game eight years now, I’d say the first five or six years I spent quietly very bitter…I’m looking at cats that I feel— and no disrespect— but that I’m doing better than or at least as well as, and they are getting more recognition.”

On success:

“I’ve never been the ‘Hey everybody, look at me!’ dude and I’m not gonna start. If my music doesn’t do it for you, if it doesn’t get your attention, there’s 100 dudes out there that will do anything and everything so that you’ll look at them. I’m not that dude.”

How he dealt with gay rumors:

“That s–t ate me alive…[I was] like where did that come from? Who are these people that have gone to such heights to try to make people believe this? They went all out with that story.”

On fatherhood:

“People talk about how hard being a dad is, and ‘Aw, your life ain’t yours any more.’ My response to that is, why is that such a bad thing? When did it become a bad thing to live for something, to give purpose to your life? If nothing else, becoming a parent gives you a purpose. That’s a beautiful damn thing.”

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Ne-Yo Talks Success, Fatherhood, Hurtful Gay Rumors  was originally published on theurbandaily.com