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Remember how in old school slow jams you would have a dude basically crying his heart on a track telling a woman how much he just simply adored her? Or how much he would do to get her back? Remember the days of Jodeci, Dru Hill, Keith Sweat, Silk and others? Remember when it was cool to tell your woman how you felt about her and still be considered a man?

Well, I think we can learn a lot from the R&B songs of our youth. Most of the music we enjoyed featured men telling women exactly how they felt, and gave us guys road maps on how to show her. Here are a few ways that these songs can actually be used for a little bit more than greats track on your “getting booty” slow jam playlist.

1. Help her understand just how real and sincere you really are!

Women have a past just like we do. They have been hurt just like we have been hurt. Sometimes they need us to show them that we are real! That we are serious about them, and that they can trust us with their heart. This is a hard thing for both men and women. Opening yourself up and trusting person takes a lot of effort and communication from both people. If you care for her, you will do what you have to do to help her understand she is safe in your hands.

2. Tell that woman you love her!

No brainer right? Of course, but how many times do you forget to do simple things? This is no different. I know you are fully aware of how you feel about her, but is she? Let her know you love her. Let her know you appreciate her. Oh yeah, and show her too!

3. Don’t let bottled up feelings do harm to your relationship, and don’t be afraid to say I’m sorry when you screwed up!

Being a man doesn’t mean keeping your feelings bottled up. Especially your feelings for her, or things that will directly impact your relationship. Let’s say for example, you had a hard day at work and you are pissed off about that. It’s better to talk to her about it, rather than sit around and let it build up inside and eventually end up taking it out on her. If you find yourself doing things like this, man up and say I’m sorry! In fact this goes for all screw ups! Tell her you’re sorry, and show her that you will never do it again.

4. Don’t waste time. If you are serious about her, and you know she’s the one, well then…

Make that move! Now in my personal opinion, men seem to think marriage isn’t cool. Being fully committed to the woman you love is some how considered lame. I gave you a list of what lames do, manning up and putting a ring on it is not on that list. Don’t worry about what people think, if you know you can’t live without her, then make that move brotha!

That tough guy stuff is for the birds! We are grown men, and we need to start acting like it. There is nothing wrong expressing yourself to your woman. It’s the only way things will work. Bottling up your feelings and not communicating with your spouse is a quick way for the relationship to fail. Listen to the R&B superstars of the past. Trust me, they have way better advice than Ricky Rozay or Gucci Mayne.

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