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Looks like rapper Meek Mill won’t be making money outside of Philly for the holidays.

MMG rapper, Meek Mill, filed a request so that his traveling restrictions could be lifted.  Sadly, appointed judge to the case, Judge Genece Brinkley, denied that request.  Meek is not allowed to travel on tour, let alone perform, unless it is for a charitable cause.

Meek and his lawyer, Gary Siler, were both shocked at the denial of the request.  Siler explained to the judge that Meek makes his living off performing.  His lawyer also wanted the judge to understand that Robert Williams (real name of Meek Mill) was on probation, and not his alter-ego Meek Mill.

Judge Brinkley was not trying to hear the noise of Meek Mill or his lawyer.  The judge was even reported rolling her eyes, as Meek’s lawyer pleaded for a better decision.  Judge Genece Brinkley has been the judge on his previous hearings.

Judge Brinkley wants the ‘Young & Gettin’ It’ artists to get himself together, and with news like this, I’m sure his fans do too.



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