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Whether you were an Eve fan back in the day or if you were under a rock, you can best believe in 2013 they still wanna know “Who’s That Girl”?! Being away from the music scene for almost 10 years, The Illest Pitbull In A Skirt is ready to take the game on full-steam ahead.

The Philly native talked about life after her “Ruff Ryder” days, the upcoming album ‘Lip Lock’, her progression in music, the image that rap portrays, being involved with The Boys & Girls Club, her acting career, female unity in Hip Hop, dating a white guy, and her pregnancy!

Check out my one-on-one with Eve, below:

Part 1: (Being away from music, Old Eve vs New Eve, Lip Lock, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Ross)

Listen: EVE PART 1

Part 2: (Rap’s image, mentoring program, Female Unity in Hip Hop)

Listen: EVE PART 2

Part 3:(DMX, acting, Stevie J and Love & Hip Hop, Pregnancy, dating a white guy, Beyonce’s lip-sync)

Listen:EVE PART 3

Last night, the remix to ‘She Bad Bad’ with Juicy J and was released. Hear it here.

Lip Lock is in stores May 14th.

Special Thanks to Eve, Ryan, Gazelle, Neke, Kara Jones, and Pharoh Martin.

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