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Is 14 years of age too young to babysit!?

After getting off of work in the early hours of Saturday morning, Gloria Yanes arrived to her basement apartment in Silver Spring, to find her seventh month old baby girl unconscious.  The baby girl was taken to Hold Cross Hospital by paramedics.  It was at the hospital that she was pronounced dead.  The baby was in the home with her 14 year old brother, who was babysitting her the night before.  He has been charged with the death of the seven month old.

14 year 0ld, Johnathan Aguiluc, will be charged as an adult, in the death of his seven month old sister.  Aguilic told Montgomery County Police that he had beaten the girl, making her cry.  Not knowing how to keep her from crying, he then put his hand over her mouth and nose, which suffocated her.

Neighbors were shocked to hear the story.  Some said that they knew Yanes worked the late shift, but did not know what her childcare arrangements were.  Investigators are taking this very seriously, and don’t feel that this was an accident.

Johnathan Aguilic is being held without bond, and will have his court hearing today.



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