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Are there unwritten rules for the pulpit? One pastor’s actions stir up heap of problems.

It’s sure to have people, particularly those deep in the black church, saying a lot more than amen. For example, one scene from the movie illustrates  the ability for a Pastor to try and become God.

“You’re a fraud and an insult to this church (First Baptist Church) and God,” Deaconess Carter,  with controlled anger, deftly portrayed by Vanessa Bell Calloway, said to the Rev. Lawrence “LC” Case. He’s played by Isaiah Washington, whose character was a doctor in the ABC network drama, Grey’s Anatomy.  Looking at her straight in the eye, with an air of self righteousness, Rev. Case replied, “I am God.”

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Russ Parr’s deep dive into the  Black church comes from a sincere, honest place.

“I was really invested into the church and the church I was going to. Then I started seeing things that didn’t make sense. My mom, who was a very religious woman, pulled me out of the church. She thought I was losing myself.”

The highly acclaimed film is award-winning and has received rave reviews. Watch the clip below to get a sneak peek at the film set to air on TV One, March 30!

Watch  the below clip and be moved!

Russ Parr says of his movie:

“The character is representative of many ills that we have to address, particularly in our community when it comes to power and how one abuses it, misuses it or under uses it or undervalues it. There have been many of our leaders that have been put in situations of power and for some reason it’s been corrupted. Probably, historically for very simple reasons, maybe it’s just different philosophy, ideology, maybe money. I think what Russ was able to do or trying to do is create a character that would put a face on how one has to be accountable for every action that they do. ”

Don’t forget airs on TV One, March 30!

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