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As the days get warmer and longer with spring and summer in tow, the doors of ‘romance’ begin to open as well. Living in the DMV there are a lot of great and exciting things to do for a first date or just to meet someone new. So let me be your personal Hitch and tell you what’s really good!

If you want to do something really dope where you both can have some fun and let your inner Picasso out then hit up ArtJamz. A great place where you can get expressive, paint, converse in a manner where you don’t feel any pressure of being on a first date. And of course the best part there is wine included! So once the libations are in order who’s nervous? LOL! Venture into ArtJamz for a good time on your first date!

Are you down for a little friendly competition? Well the spot you would want to hit is the H Street Country Club in NE. A great spot to do a group date or to actually go and meet new folks. Even if you are just chilling with that new potential someone this is a great place to go where there is no pressure unless you are on your last hole of  mini-golf! H Street Country Club is nice spot that has table tennis, skeeball, Xbox Kinect  and of course mini-golf! This is  a place where you can show your fun-side without getting to competitive.

Dating is tough and can be like having a second or third job but when you incorporate fun and less-stressful concepts to it you actually can have a lot of fun. So I hope this helps and points you in the right direction to ‘Dating Bliss’, now get out there and have fun and meet someone worthy!

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