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Just when the NBA season couldn’t get anymore interesting the impossible became possible! On Friday night Kobe “Bean, Black Mamba, Don’t Call Me Jordan” Bryant went down with a possible torn Achilles’ tendon. Whether you love em’ or hate em’ Kobe and the Lakers have been the most talked about and scrutinized team this season. A season that started with high hopes of tearing up and scorching the Western Conference and challenging the Miami Heat for the NBA championship. The off-season pick-up’s of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and not to mention the addition of new coach Mike Brown were suppose to be the fix. Well, the start of the season should have been an omen on how it would end. Brown gets shown the door after 5 games, Nash gets hurt in like the fourth game and is still hurt now and Dwight has been crying since day one. The only constant has been Kobe. The one player you know who will give his all and leave it on the court. I may not respect him as a person but I respect the hell out of him as a player. Now we wait and see what will happen to number 24 once he recovers from this injury. He is 34 years-old and due 30 million next year which is the last year of his current contract. So with two games left in the season can the current Laker squad muster up enough guts and win for their fallen leader? Can we possibly witness another Kevin Ware and Louisville Cardinals situation? Time will tell. The Dwight Howard era has officially begun! All hail the Big Cry-Baby!!



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