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Nearly 2 years after the tragedy that took place in Florida where a Neighborhood Watchman by the name of George Zimmerman (Photographed Left) took the life of a teenager, Trayvon Martin after suspicion of violent activity. Zimmerman has been in and out courtrooms pleading his case as to why he made the decision to pull the trigger on the 17 year old. 

 In the latest development, Zimmerman has been discussing the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law as possible logic to his actions. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The issue could still resurface at trial in June, his defense lawyer Mark O’Mara said during a roughly three-hour hearing, which concluded about noon.

After the hearing, O’Mara predicted the trial would last four to six weeks, with half of that time taken up by jury selection. He said the evidence Zimmerman acted in self-defense is “quite strong.”

During the hearing, Zimmerman was questioned under oath by Circuit Judge Debra Nelson. The state had asked the judge to demand an answer from Zimmerman about whether he was waiving his right to a “stand your ground” hearing.

That’s a proceeding that could absolve him of wrongdoing for the killing of Trayvon, which has become a civil rights cause célèbre.

Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, argued Zimmerman shouldn’t be asked to waive any rights. The defense “might,” he said, argue for immunity at trial, after all the evidence is presented.

Over O’Mara’s protestations, Nelson questioned Zimmerman, asking if he had made the decision to waive his right to a pre-trial immunity hearing.

“After consultation with my counsel, yes, your honor,” Zimmerman replied.

Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump called the new development “very telling,” in showing his alleged guilt. “We believe the defense’s decision to waive a pre-trial hearing and to merge the Stand Your Ground Hearing into the trial is to prevent putting George Zimmerman on the stand and to preclude the public and the potential jury pool from previewing the many inconsistences in George Zimmerman’s story,” he said.


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