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We are all aware that Oakland is a real zoo of a community where the murder rates and death tolls have been steady increasing. As you can imagine, one of the hardest occupations to hold in that violent community is to be a member of the Police force, let alone being the leader of the entire Police Force. 

Chief Anthony Toribio thought he was brave enough to step in and handle the job but two days after receiving the position, he found that he was not ready for the call. His quick resignation came just a week after the Federal Court conducted investigations on the ailing Police department and their lack of authority in the failing community. The courts documented years of corruption in the police department and when Toribio accepted the job, he was walking into a warzone — On several platforms. 

Toribio was not ready to deal with the corruption as well as trying to deal with controlling the community and it’s violence. The Mayor spoke on it, ”I understand that the suddenness of these changes may cause speculation that the challenge we already have will be exacerbated, but in fact the opposite it true,” said Mayor Jean Quan. The now acting Police Chief Sean Whent will take over but the confusion of the position has officials all over Oakland speaking out, ”I’ll tell you one thing, the thugs on the street are more organized than we are,” said Councilman Noel Gallo. “No wonder we have a problem here.”



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