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Elliot Wilson of had an exclusive Q&A with Wale Sunday before his album “The Gifted” release party at the Howard Theatre.

For real Wale fans and those lucky enough to win tickets to the Q&A, there was definitely an opportunity to learn more about the artist and his viewpoints.

Wale was asked about fame, how spectators feel about his change of style as far as his lyricism goes, working on his new album, Rotation feat. Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz, the women, future “Album About Nothing” and ending the album with his song Black Heroes.

Wale was asked about how he handles women and the fame that comes with it.

“Fame is evil. It’s no joy going through the airport & everyone is staring. Four girls waiting for you. Cool at first but when you think about it, it’s evil. You know. You got somebody following you four miles after you leave the airport.”

Elliot Wilson then discussed his change of flow and people feeling that he should rap like “old” wale. Wale responded “I would rap circles around the old me. You just lost in nostalgia. We live in a hater period. I don’t know when it’s going to end”

Wale has definitely been worling hard in the studio because he didn’t talk to anyone in the process of making his album. He said,

“I trust Ross. Ross know I’m crazy. I ain’ talk to him the whole time I was making my project. He’d text me like “hahaha you ain’t even hittin me.” I’m like naw. I ain’t talkin to none of yah til I’m finished. But he trust me.”

Elliot Wilson asked “Ima ask you about Rotation. Sometimes you smoke to zone out from the stress. Is it therapeutic?” Wale responded, “I’m high right now. This industry is real. I deal with it though. I’m a loose cannon as far as reacting and I know that. I have to mellow myself out. That’s just what rotation is about.”

Wale has another album we can look for. “”Album about nothing” is def gonna come out in the next… six months but I want fans to get more than enough of his gifted wave.”

Ending the interview, Elliot Wilson asked, “Why’d you decide to end the album with Black Hereos?” “It’s not that many examples of getting out this joint in a civilized manner.”

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