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During part 2 of the reunion of TV One’s R&B Divas LA, Kelly Price announced an R&B Divas tour starring herself, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Brownstone, KeKe Wyatt and Chante Moore, which left the other “Divas” high and dry. While Kelly was saying who was going to hit the road, she should have confirmed everyone before making that announcement.

In an exclusive interview, Chante Moore said Price’s statement was “premature announcement made by Kelly.”

Well it was a premature announcement that was made by Kelly. I didn’t know that she’s going to make that announcement on the show but I thought that I should let it go at that time because the reunion was taped a couple of weeks ago; because I thought by now, it would be cleared up or settled – that it would happen or would be for sure, or either way I thought something would be settled and at this moment, nothing is happening. They postponed or cancelled – definitely postponed – I don’t know if it’s ever going to get picked up. Period. But she made an announcement that we’re going and I was like “Okay…?” because there weren’t conversations so I thought “Well, maybe she has a scoop on something that I’m unaware of or maybe just trying to surprise us and I thought that it was just something that really positive which was going to happen but again, it seems like she’s talking prematurely and it actually isn’t happening. That tour was cancelled so I was a little uneasy by that.”

If the R&B Divas tour is cancelled:

Yes, at this moment. I mean it’s a possibility I guess, at some point, that they could say, “Okay, let’s figure out how to make this happen.” These young ladies and what to have – I did get the list of people and I was ready to do it, absolutely ready to do it and I still would do it. What I didn’t like is that it was made before paperwork was done because sometimes if you announce that you’re going to do something – and this has happened before in my career, there’s time where someone has said, “Oh, we’re going to do this!” and they block out a certain amount of time and then you say “No” to the other offers because you don’t want to double book your word and commitment to what you’re going to do is your reputation and put it online. So I’m a little worried because I don’t want someone to think I’m going to be on tour with them and I’m not going to be – that means that’s going to go out of my pocket – I have to take care of my children and my life and my reputation is at the utmost importance, it’s all I have – this is my career.”

I will be glad when we see who is really “booked” for the tour.


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