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The extremes people will go to in order to ensure their exes feel some sort of pain after the relationship ends. A Florida man was so hellbent on exacting revenge on his ex-girlfriend, he accidentally set himself on fire.

According to news reports, a driver was making their way down a main street in West park, Florida when they saw smoke floating from a building. The driver went to investigate the smoke and noticed a black Pontiac driving away from the scene. The driver called the fire department and the first responders quickly got the fire under control. The State Fire Marshal Arson Detection Dog Ember focuses on two different spots in the burned building when she was brought around which indicated to the firemen that the fire was fueled by accelerants. Upon further investigation, it was discovered someone was burned in the fire.

Here’s where things get interesting. The business owner 26-year-old Jennifer Tanner got a call informing her that her ex-fiance showed up at a mutual friend’s house badly burned. Luis Evans was taken to a near by hospital where he later died from the severe burns sustained to his body. Police do have Evan’s car impounded and are waiting to receive a proper search warrant to investigate the vehicle. The case is still under investigation.



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