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You are less than a full 24 hours from Halloween and you thinking “MAN! I’m trying to go to that party I heard everybody is going to be at” but you aren’t trying to go looking “regular” well don’t trip! I got you! I’m about to give you some ideas to help out your last minute, low budget Halloween needs.

I know the struggle is real…You don’t have $200 laying around to just spend on a nice costume. So I’m going to throw a few ideas out at you to help you out and save you some money. See! It’s all about ME helping YOU! So let’s Brainstorm shall we?

The 1997 Rain [Missy Elliot]

If you have a few Hefty Bags you can spare, Duct Tape, A pair of unique glasses and a Burger King Crown…You could pull this look off for Halloween!

Remember you’re on a Budget..So you got to be resourcefull..This costume might literally cost you a Kids Meal!

Sweet Western Serenade [The Naked Cowboy]

Now this might be tricky if you don’t wear Tidy Whitey’s but if you know somebody with Cowboy Boots and a Hat you good…You can sharpie the name on the but…and tell your nephew you need to borrow his Guitar from Guitar Hero game and you good! He supposed to be sleep when you out anyway!

The Olympian [Michael Phelps]

Get a Speedo, a Subway Sandwich and smoke a joint…BAM! You may break a $20 and get change!

The Stereotype Reject [Yep, The Stereotype Reject]

We all know White Tees, Pants sagging under the butt cheek,to show off the belt you got from the middle of the mall [with matching jewelery] will not get you in the club any other night..So Halloween Night is YOUR NIGHT! If you still can’t get in…You’ve taken the costume too far!

90′s Nick Jr. Star [Doug Funnie, Tommy Pickles]

For Doug…Sweater Vest [Cause you know you got one] White Tee [Cause you know you got one] and Khaki or Cargo Shorts [Cause you know you got a pair]..THIS COSTUME IS FREE!!!!

Tommy Pickles – You need a Blue Tee, A Diaper [See Grand Parents] and a Bottle and YOU KNOW you know somebody with a baby! Another Free Costume!

Well…I can’t give y’all much more of this Grade A Struggle Game. So I’m going to stop there! Just use your imagination, be resourceful and know…It’s not about the struggle but how you maintain in it!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!