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rhoa pillowtalk fight

The ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta are known for being messy, catty, and drama-filled. After being semi-calm over the past couple of episodes (and maybe even seasons), it all came to end last night. During Nene’s Pillow Talk event, things got a little heated with some of the questions that were presented before the room full of couples.

rhoa pillowtalk fight 2

The straw that broke the camels back was when R&B singer, Christopher Williams, marriage to his wife was questioned. Their interaction was the ammunition to kick off the huge fight between Apollo, Kenya’s best friend Brandon, and Peter Thomas (who was actually trying to break things up.

The main question about the brawl is ‘Who’s fault is it’? Was Kenya Moore in the wrong for approaching Natalie? Was Nene wrong for stewing the pot with her questions? Was Apollo wrong for tackling Brandon?

A pure mess, right?

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Afterwards on ‘WWHL’, Cynthia Bailey apologized for what went down at Nene’s Pillowtalk event!

“I want to apologize on behalf of the whole cast tonight. It was really hard to watch this fight tonight. I’ve been on the show for four years. Never, I don’t think ever in the history of the whole show has anyone on the show laid hands on each other.”

Moments ago, Nene Leakes spoke on the Pillow Talk incident.

I created this game called “Pillow Talk” and it all started from Gregg and I basically discussing our day once we got in bed at night! Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content. I was the hostess with the mostess! The guests were invited along with a dress code and everyone knew what they were walking into. My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! You ask why? Everybody in the room were asked questions that were touchy because that was the bases of the game! We all answered, including me and Gregg. We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” because there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control!

Let’s get to the good stuff: Kenya arrived three hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived! Keeping it real is what I do! Some might call it messy, but see it as you may!

Christopher had a question in his hand that he wanted to answer standing up for reasons unbeknownst to me! I walked past Christopher and took my seat! He then began to speak to Kenya about the false accusations Kenya had told his wife. Chris’s wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” and Kenya got up and charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?). Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own!

In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lit the fire. Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times! I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! I am all about a good read, throwing shade and even getting you together when need be but violence is never okay to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be a part of such negative activity! I am bigger, I am better and for that I apologize!

Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room? All the housewives would say we were having a good time! Why do you think they showed it as if we were not? Thanks for watching!

Stay Fabulous,

Nene Leakes

You can see the FULL episode, here.