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The scandal brewing around racist comments allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling have sparked a protest by Clippers players, denouncement from other players and celebrities and even comments from President Obama. Now, Magic Johnson is providing a solution to the issue.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Johnson and billionaire Mark Walter, of the Guggenheim Partners, have expressed interest in buying the basketball team after a recorded conversation allegedly between Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, was released last week. In the conversation, Sterling makes remarks regarding him not wanting Stiviano to publicly associate with black people nor wanting black people to attend Clippers games.

This seems like a good plan for both Sterling and Johnson. The possibility that Sterling will ever be able to show his face in The Staples Center, the Clippers home stadium, or any NBA stadium for that matter, again is slim to none. Johnson, who is part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers with Walter and attempted to purchase the Los Angeles Lakers, can stand to create a sports empire in Southern California.

There is no word on whether not Sterling will in fact sell the team or what the NBA will do in response to his actions.


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