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bull-hospitalWhen you live in the mountains of Brazil, you better watch your back. This isn’t just about watching out for dubious looking individuals trying to rid you of your valuables. This is about watching your back for wild animals in places you’d least expect. A few women learned that lesson at a Rio de Janeiro hospital when an agitated bull came charging through the medical center.

The whole ordeal was caught on CCTV. In the video, you can see a hospital visitor walking down a hallway and suddenly hauling ass in the opposite direction. Following closely behind the visitor are two nurses. All three of the women run out of frame before we get a chance to see what’s chasing them. Then a huge bull comes charging throughout the hallway and breaks down a door.


Nobody knows how the animal got into the hospital, but the theory is the bull became angry when it couldn’t find its way back out of the building. Although the few intense moments are shown on the video, we don’t get to see how it ends. Well, it’s all good news here. It’s truly amazing that no one was injured and the bull was captured and set free in the mountainous region surrounding the hospital.

Watch the clip below.

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