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We may never know what sparked Solange to go at Jay Z the way she did in an elevator after the Met Gala, but speculation and assumptions are certainly in the air. With them being family, how did it get to this?

In an interview with Hot 97 from last September, Solange gave her true feelings on Jay Z. “Jay and I have our own sisterly-brotherly relationship,” she said. “We talk about music a lot, about art a lot, so that’s my dude. And that’s my brother.”

She also recounted the first time she met him when she was around 13, and she showed him how much love she had for rapper Nas.

“His nickname for me was ‘private school thug,’” said Solange. “It still is today. That’s what he calls me.”

She also revealed that when it comes to her sister, Beyonce, if anyone steps to her in any kind of way, she snaps. “I’m super sensitive when it comes to my sister,” she said. “I’ve been known to snap off a little bit behind her.”

(The Jay talk comes in at the 5:30 mark, and the Beyonce talk at the 25:30 mark.)

We’re sure the recent situation changes things, and we’ll see how it will all unfold.



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