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The Fillmore got a huge dose of what it means to be “TURNT” all the way up for Rapper/Producer FUTURE ‘s “HONEST TOUR”. The lines were full of his fans and once you got inside, the room was completely filled to capacity. Fans standing shoulder to shoulder as they anticipated what Future was going to look like in person and what songs he was going to perform. Though we were expecting to see Rico Love as the main opening act. He wasn’t there and only is performing in select cities throughout the 45 City Tour. There were two other opening acts though, Up & Coming R&B Artist Bando Jonez and Atlanta Rapper Que (formally known as OG Bobby Johnson). It would have been great if they continuously said their names during their performances because a lot of the crowd was more confused and focused on “Who they were”, instead of getting into their performance and them taking full advantage of their platform. As some time went by and everyone was partying with the DJ’s that graced the stage, the moment finally came! It was like a complete change in the atmosphere. The lighting increased to higher levels, the brightness was illuminating and captured everyone’s attention. There was no way you didn’t feel the full effect of the transition. Then Future appeared and the crowd went crazy!

Whether you were a Die Hard Fan or just getting hipped to Future and his music, everyone shared the amazement of how many hits he had. Hit after hit after even more hits. Songs like “Turn On The Lights”, “Karate Chop”, “Honest”, “S@*t”, and “I Won”, had the crowd lyrically getting it in. The number of Hits was verrryyyy impressive!!! Songs so popular, he didn’t even have to perform them entirely. He was jamming to the crowd and joining in the fun. Some people were so “turnt” up that they were making it rain from the balcony (Throwing approx. 30 to 50 1 dollar bills out). Future even had to acknowledge the cash flow. His set was about 45mins and though to some it may not have been long enough, the majority seemed to be very satisfied. For Future to be hitting a different city pretty much daily during the Honest Tour”, his energy, look, and performance were just right! He is winning right now in the music Industry and doing his thing on this tour. “I’m just being Honest!:)”

Here is the set list from the Tour: 1. “Chosen One” 2. “Karate Chop” 3. “Look Ahead” 4. “T-Shirt” 5. “My Momma” 6. “Honest” 7. “I Won” 8. “Never Satisfied” 9. “I Be You” 10. “Bugatti” 11. “U.O.E.N.O.” 12. “Covered N Money” 13. “Tapout” 14. “Special” 15. “Same Damn Time” 16. “Move That Dope” 17. “Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)” 18. “Sh!t” 19. “Blood, Sweat, Tears”   To check him out doing his thing on the Fillmore Stage Click Here

Story By: Marquita Cheron & Shamya Lynne

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