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Christmas is only in a few days, but with all the tragedy that’s happening in our own backyards, we could use an uplifting story that embodies the spirit of Christmas–selfless giving. Yaovi Mawuli is a high schooler from North Carolina who saw a classmate in need and decided to be the one to help. In the photo above, on the left side are the sneakers of one of Mawuli’s classmates. He only noticed the beat up sneakers because his classmates were making fun of the less fortunate student.

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Instead of doing what most high schoolers do–join in the clowning–Mawuli got the boy a his own new pair of “Concord” Air Jordan 11 lows. In a message on Facebook, Mawuli sought advice on how to give the shoes to the unsuspecting student without making him feel like a charity case. He said, “Now my question is how do I present it to him without him feeling like I feel sorry  for him? I’m just trying to help a brother out.”

Amazing, right? Popular sneaker head website, NiceKicks.com spotted this story and reached out to Mawuli for an exclusive. In the interview, it’s revealed that not only is Mawuli an amazing and giving teenager with a heart of gold, but he’s smart, insightful and ambitious. We’re totally loving this kid!

The high school sneaker lover is already considering several colleges to attend to continue his education and he’s got big plans to pursue an MBA. Black boys rock!

Check out this amazing portion of the interview and the full here!

Nice Kicks:  Today a reader sent over a screen shot of your Facebook post about giving a classmate a pair of shoes. What inspired you to do this?

Yaovi: I decided to give my classmate the shoes because the same kid he switched desk with because “he didn’t want to sit in the ugly desk” was making fun of him because he was wearing shoes that torn out.

I could not leave with the fact that such a cool guy would be made fun of in this way. I remember I got made fun of for wearing some shoes that had 2006 on them while we were in years 2008. But nobody knew what I did to get that pair of shoes. I would cut my neighbors lawn and take out her trash and she would give me $20 which I save to buy in order to buy that pair of shoes. So I understand not everyone if fortunate enough to afford new pairs of sneakers.

Nice Kicks: By now I am sure other classmates have seen the story spread around the web.  How they have responded?

Yaovi: It’s been great!  Most of them were impressed and a lot of the guys in the group wanted to help as well.

Nice Kicks: Many of our readers and fans said that your kind deed has inspired them to do the same thing.  How does that make you feel when you hear that?

Yaovi:  It makes me feel great!   It’s always a pleasure to help someone else even if it’s by giving them an advice. If you get a chance I would invite you to help anyone that is in need. I believe the world would be a much better place if we all just do the small things we can to put a smile on someone else face.

Nice Kicks: The sneaker world is called a “community” often, how do you think that all of us can build community?

Yaovi: Yes, I think we can build a strong community.

I believe by such kind action, you bring sneakers lover together to appreciate not only the value of the action but also the importance of brotherhood and welcoming Any and everyone into a caring and sharing community.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see young people be so selfless? What do you think about this amazing story? Share your comments in below.

We’re going to play the devil’s advocate here. How is Yaovi’s giving different from Leigh Anne Tuohy’s?


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