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Not everyone in Baltimore is rioting. Some people are helping their neighbors and the cops, but that’s not the story you’re likely to see on the news.

President Barack Obama called out the mainstream media for its lopsided coverage of the violence in Baltimore. It’s no great shock that what you are more likely to see splashed across your TV screen and social media are the more sensational stories about looting and destruction. However it is very disappointing that the peaceful protests following Freddie Gray’s death garnered almost no media coverage.

Even more disheartening is the fact that many news outlets are ignoring the people who are pitching in to help–if not blatantly lying about it. When KYS-DC rolled up to the Baltimore to cover the aftermath of thr riots, though, this is precisely what they came across: residents helping one another pick up the pieces after a hard night filled with anger and frustration.

Those weren’t the only cameras catching people still helping the community. Scroll down for more images from the other side of the Baltimore riots that likely won’t make the evening news.

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