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A high school heavy on abstinence is currently facing a chlamydia outbreak, the Huffington Post reports.

Crane Independent School District located in Crane, Texas has seen 20 cases of the sexually transmitted disease, prompting the school to send letters to parents last Friday.

“Crane Independent School District would like to make our parents aware or more aware of a problem that has been identified in our teenagers and young adults of our community,” the letter reads.

ISD offers a three-day sexual education course once a year with a focus on abstinence. In Crane County alone, there have been three reported cases of the STD in the past two weeks, leaving many curious about the recent outbreak.

Chlamydia has been named the most common STD in the country. Formulated by bacteria, the STD is passed from unprotected sex. Despite the recent findings at the school, superintendent Jim Rumage says the abstinence program is a great idea.

“That’s not a bad thing,” said Rumage, “because if kids are not having any sexual activity, they can’t get this disease. That’s not a bad program.”

The committee will present their response to the school board on May 19.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN 


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