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Last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta ended on a sour note between Cynthia and Porsha. So, of course, the driving theme of tonight’s episode was, you guessed it, their fight!

They started arguing because Cynthia felt some type of way that Porsha called her a b—h. Porsha felt some type of way that Cynthia felt some type of way because she always uses the word, and felt it wasn’t that serious. Somehow, this turned into Porsha standing over Cynthia in a menacing way, and the two of them grabbing each other’s hands. The next thing all of us knew, Cynthia kicked Porsha in the nana, and Porsha went into a full on rage (think the Kenya incident). First of all, no one knew that Cynthia had it in her, but the drama with Peter was really taking its toll on her sanity. Anyway, security managed to keep Porsha at bay, so she didn’t get to beat Cynthia’s arse like she wanted, but obviously this was the end of what was supposed to be a relaxing yacht ride.

The only amusing thing about the boat ride situation was Kim Fields’ reaction. She was mortified because she wasn’t used to shenanigans like this. Perhaps she should have done her research before signing up…or maybe she should have done more research.

She’ll learn.

In the end, Kandi called the women together for a “unity brunch,” because these types of gatherings always go well…

Surprise, surprise, it actually worked out this time. I repeat, there was no RHOA Fight Club. Cynthia and Porsha decided to have their conversation away from the group, which was the smartest thing anyone did this entire episode. Surprisingly, both women apologized to each other and a light shined from ratchet universe heaven because this was definitely a miracle. This situation could have easily led to yet another altercation, but they decided to be mature (for once). It’s safe to say that they’re cool again, at least for now. You know how fickle friendships are with this group, but hopefully this one will stick.

See you next week.


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