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Your favorite dirty south ratchets are back for Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 5 plus a few new additions. Rasheeda, Kirk, Karlie Redd, Tammy Rivera, Yung Joc, Scrappy, Mimi, Jessica Dime and Momma D, in addition to Scrapp Deleon (Dolla’s brother), his girlfriend (Tommie) and babymama (Tiarra) that he’s still dealing with (neither woman knows about the other), and his mother Karen King (“KK”) will definitely keep us entertained during this highly staged soap opera reality drama.

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It looks like Scrapp Deleon will be this season’s version of the Peter Gunz/Amina/Tara situation, but we’ll get to that later.

Speaking of Srcapp, the other Scrappy feels some type of way about Rasheeda and Kirk because he says they stood him up in court. Apparently, they were supposed to testify about his good character in a child custody hearing, but went ghost. Scrappy told Momma Dee about the situation, of course, and made her promise not to say anything to them until he can address it first. She said she wouldn’t say a word, but like…this is Momma Dee we’re talking about.

Mimi has a new boo. It’s a woman named Chris. Chris seems nice, but you know Mimi doesn’t have the greatest track record with her significant others so even switching to the other team probably won’t be redemption. She also seems to be like a puppy, looking for love anywhere she can find it. Either that or it’s time to get that storyline popping again. Anyway, all of Mimi’s friends, except for Ariane (who knows the real deal) think Chris is a man, but Mimi plans to unveil the truth in a major way–at Chris’ birthday party.

Scrappy and Yung Joc are both single this season, and want to focus on being bachelors. They’re also roommates.

Question: Why are these grown men in Atlanta room…(loses signal)?



Karlie Redd, Jessica Dime and Tommie found themselves kicking it at a lounge where Scrapp D’s babymama, Tiarra, just so happened to be the waitress.


She didn’t seem to know who Tommie was, but Karlie Redd knew who they were to each other, so she started a conversation with Tiarra and got enough information out of her to find out that she and Scrapp still hook up occasionally (Tommie was also just finding this out as well), or as Tiarra put it, “When she feels like it.” Surprisingly, Tommie didn’t pop off. She decided that her beef was with Scrapp D, and she’ll deal with him later.

When later came, Scrapp D would not give her straight answers. Tommie cut to the chase and told him to tell Tiarra about her before she does. He said he would, just to get her off his back, but really, his intention is to mention it when he feels like it. It’s cool though, because Karlie Redd invited Tiarra to Chris’ birthday bash where it’s most likely going to go down for real, for real, when they all run into each other.

Like I mentioned earlier, Momma Dee was not about to stay quiet about Scrappy’s beef with Rasheeda and Kirk. So, she confronted Rasheeda at her store (because that’s appropriate smh) about the Scrappy situation. Rasheeda wanted to know why it wasn’t Scrappy doing the talking since he’s a grown man. However, Momma Dee didn’t like this and got rowdy, so Rasheeda’s mom stepped in and all the women began bickering until Momma Dee got so frustrated that she left…but not before leaving a pile of hay on the floor. Yes. She pulled out a pile of hay (or twigs) and spread it out on the floor in the shape of a nest just so she could make a rotten egg reference. Um…I can’t really explain that any better. Remember, this is Momma Dee we’re talking about.




Now we’re at Chris’ birthday party where pretty much everyone comes through (with the exception of K. Michelle and Joseline, who will probably show up in next week’s episode). And then, Mimi unveils the true identity of her new boo. But you know what, all her girls seemed to be okay with it. All the dramatic secrecy for nothing.


You know Mimi likes to front like “she doesn’t like people in her business.” But she’s been on a reality show for five seasons and allegedly leakes “exclusives” to blo…(loses signal).


Speaking of fronting, Karlie Redd invited Tiarra to the party just to create some drama, hoping that Scrapp D, Tiarra and Tommie would be there at the same time.

Bsically, Karlie Redd be like:


At first it was looking like Tiarra wasn’t going to show up, but she ended up coming through, claiming that she needed some friends.


At the moment Tiarra isn’t up on game, but she will be next week when the drama kicks up. Not only will Tiarra find out about Tommie, but K. Michelle and Joseline will return to the A too.


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