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Rose Leslie Kit Harrington - Ygritte and Jon Snow

To say that fan hype for season 6 of Game of Thrones is high would be an understatement. Season 5’s finale was a shocker and might rank as one of TV’s most “holy crap a lot of people took some serious losses” episodes in history. The shocking events are almost too numerous to count, but here’s a quick refresher: Stannis, his daughter, and his wife, are dead. Sansa and Reek jumped off of a cliff in Winterfell and might very well be dead. Arya is blind after disobeying orders from the “many faced” God. Cersei took the longest walk of shame in human history that left her completely broken. She’s also about to find out that her daughter is dead. Also, fan favorite Jon Snow was betrayed by his Castle Black brothers as they all took turns stabbing him after they called him a traitor. Whether he’s dead has been a heavy subject of discussion since last summer.

On April 24th, the show returns with an episode title “The Red Woman.” That moniker has typically been given to Melisandre, who’s already at Castle Black after abandoning Stannis at the “Battle of Winterfell.” There’s been talk that Melisandre is somehow going to resurrect Jon Snow because Jon has “king’s blood” which would somehow allow this resurrection. It’s amazing that Game of Thrones has fifty or so episodes and still manages to leave people with more questions than an SAT exam, but here’s to hoping that those questions will finally be answered.


Charlize Theron is set to join the cast for Fast and Furious 8. The movie, set for release on April 14, 2017, is still light on details. There’s also no word on what sort of character Charlize will play. Whatever the case, after her work in Italian Job and Mad Maxx, she should feel right at home with the high octane theatrics the Fast and Furious series has become synonymous with.


Tracy Morgan is in talks to join the cast for a movie titled The Clapper. “Dito Montiel, who worked with Morgan in 2011’sThe Son of No One, wrote and will direct the film that follows a professional clapper for infomercials who gets plucked by a late-night talk show host to be on his TV show.” It’s great to see Tracy get back on his feet after the long recovery time following his 2014 accident with a Walmart truck.

SOURCE: THR, Inquisitor

Sesame Street is adding a new muppet to the team. The new muppet is a six year old Afghani named Zari. “The series, which includes segments on tradition and culture, will highlight Zari in three formats: Zari Exercises, which encourages physical health and well being; Zari Says “Salaam,” which covers the greeting “asalaam alaikum” and Afghan national identity; and Zari Interviews a Doctor, in which she talks to a pediatrician and learns about taking care of herself.”


Not even one week has passed since the end of The People vs. O.J. Simpson and a number of television networks are jumping on the bandwagon. CBS  announced an unscripted show featuring Jon Benet Ramsey. “The series will “re-unite the original investigators in the Ramsey case as well as new experts who all re-examine the unsolved case,” in the style of, say, Serial, The Jinx, Making a Murderer, or Unsolved Mysteries.”

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