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Skai Jackson/Azealia Banks

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14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson (you may know her as the poised young lady seen around Instagram in one of this year’s most circulated memes) came to the defense of her former One Direction star Zayn Malik and got rapper/ Twitter troll Azealia Banks all the way together!

The Twitterverse was on fire last night. Between Nicki Minaj clapping back at her ex-boyfriend Safaree and Kevin McCall reigniting his beef with Chris Brown, all hell broke loose on the social media platform making for one hell of an eventful evening.

It all started when Azealia Banks decided to go on a Twitter rant against Zayn, who she claimed stole her creative concept in his music video “Like I Would,” LoveBScott reports.

She went on for several tweets until things got really heated when Skai Jackson, a devoted One Direction fan, stepped in.^tfw

Oh snap. In true Azealia Banks fashion, she clapped back and a Twitter war began.^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw^tfw

Then she ended it with this:

Then it was the Internet’s turn.

And on that note. We’re out.


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