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It turns out Richard Sherman isn’t the only Seattle Seahawk who’s chosen to speak out against the recent police shootings.

He’s now being joined by wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who spoke to reporters Thursday at length about his frustrations with the recent social issues.

This is not an isolated conversation. This is not isolated just to some specific parts of our country. We see that now. And the advancement of technology has proved that, from the video of Rodney King in 1991 to numerous incidents that we now have visual evidence of today. Now, this is not an indictment of our law enforcement agencies. I just want that to be clear. We know that there’s a select few — a very minute few — of law enforcement who are not abiding by those laws and policies. However, we also know that there are laws and policies that are in place that are not correcting the issue that we have in our society right now,” he told the media.

But it didn’t end there, Baldwin is now calling for all 50 states to review their police training courses so they’re all on the same page, nationwide.

“As an American, a black male, in this country,” he said, “I’m suggesting, calling — I’m demanding that all 50 state attorney generals call for a review of their policies and training policies for police and law enforcement to eliminate militaristic cultures while putting a higher emphasis on deescalation tactics and crisis management measures.”

As a Black man, Baldwin understands both sides because his father is a cop who explained to him how the protocol can vary from state to state.

“My father’s a police officer,” he said, “and he’s told me numerous times about his training and how they’ve gone through what they call verbal judo, which is essentially them trying to deescalate the situation. From what I understand, and from what he’s told me and his experience in homeland security, is that that method of training is not consistent throughout the entirety of the United States. And that’s an issue.”

Hours later, he received an invitation from Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson to meet and discuss the issue further:

Baldwin quickly responded to the proposal:

Things obviously need to change and Doug Baldwin is ready to help.

SOURCE: USA Today | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


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