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Vine may be dead, but its co-founders have created a new feature-packed app called Hype.

The new program is touted as a live-streaming video service that is a bit more interactive than most.  Viewers are able to interact via polls, votes, and questions. Streamers are able to highlight any comments and can change how the stream appears on the screen. Hosts can also drop songs, GIFs, videos or any other type of media into the chat for their viewers.

The app features the same simplicity of Periscope, just way more features to make the experience more interesting for viewers and streamers.

With Periscope and Facebook both having their own live streaming capabilities, it may be difficult for Hype gain momentum and loyal viewers from other sites. But from the looks of it, Vine has a worthy successor.

Hype is currently available in the App Store and is coming to Android soon.

SOURCE: The Verge, Vimeo | PHOTO CREDIT: Carl Court / Getty

Vine’s Co-Founders Launch New Live-Streaming App, ‘Hype’  was originally published on theurbandaily.com