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Mo’Nique recently stopped by “The Real” and had an emotional reconciliation with co-host Loni Love. The Almost Christmas actress opened up about a misunderstanding the two had and how they eventually got past it in a healthy and mature way.

The reason Loni and I had to hold onto each other for minute is because we could have experienced a horrible Hollywood story, but in the end, the story was so beautiful and I think it’s important that people understand who Loni is for real,” she said.

You know, to know who she really is because one day uh, [her husband] Sidney and I were listening to their show [radio show Café’Mocha] and Loni and her co-host, baby, they was going in “How could Mo’Nique do that?  Oh, the man, her husband…” and it was just not kind.  I called my sister [referring to Loni] up. I didn’t want to call anybody else, I wanted to talk directly to my sister [pointing to Loni] and I called her up and the conversation we had she said in the midst of that conversation, she said ‘Mo’Nique, I didn’t consider that. I didn’t consider that as I was talking,‘” the Oscar-winning actress added.

Exactly,” Love replied.

So, it was our moment right there for us to physically hold on to each other,” Mo’Nique continued.

To which a teary-eyed Love agreed: “No, you called me and I said ‘I gotta fix this, okay and I made sure.‘” 

See: Conflict can have a happy ending.

Catch the full episode on Nov. 7 where Mo’Nique also dishes on how she danced her way down to 203 pounds and her new film Almost Christmas.


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