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In another tale of a group of White people having no tact, a prom proposal was layered with racism thanks to a group of teens posing with a sign that has sparked outrage.

The teenagers, who allegedly attend Monarch High School in Florida, posed for a photo where the two White girls stand with a Black girl as they all hold a sign reading “You May Be Picking Cotton But We’re Picking You to go to PROM with us.” The photo was taken from Instagram and posted on Twitter by Monarch High alumni, Jon Aro, who commented, “It is two thousand and f*cking seventeen.”

The original Instagram page from which the picture was taken has since been deleted, but Aro’s post has been retweeted more than 7,000 times and “liked” more than 11,000 times. A range of angry comments also followed.

It’s still unclear if the Black girl in the picture was the one being proposed to or if the sign was directed at someone else. Regardless, the girls group must have missed the other racist “promposals” Black students were met with across the country…or maybe they thought their actions weren’t that serious. Sadly, playful racism seems to still be a thing.

Aro’s defended his decision to post the picture saying, “I decided to post it on Twitter because it is 2017 and stuff like this is completely revolting.” He proclaimed, “Just as she decided to take a picture of it, let alone post it on social media, I decided to do the same.”

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