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Power is back for season four and we all cannot contain ourselves! We’re worried about Jamie/Ghost and Tariq! Episode 401 opens with Ghost checking into prison because Angela thinks he killed Greg, but he’s really being framed by Michael Sandoval. Remember when Jamie thought he and Angela could be a thing despite the fact that EVERYONE told him to leave her alone because it could only end in tragedy? Welp, this is him learning the hard way.


Tommy is back and he’s the new connect since Milan and Lobos are toast. This is what he’s always wanted. It’s also important to point out that he didn’t kill Keisha! He put her in a secret hideaway to protect her from Milan. That threat is over, but there’s something romantic sparking between those two.

Now, let’s talk Tariq. He’s still passed out at Kanan’s spot, but he will be okay. But let’s backtrack. Tasha runs to Tommy for help after receiving the message that Tariq is being held for ransom. Tommy heads to Truth to get answers from Dre about Tariq’s whereabouts. Dre plays dumb, but heads to Kanan’s and tries to take Tariq home before Tommy goes ham. Kanan says Tariq isn’t going home until they get their money, but Dre informs them that Ghost is locked up and that they can get more money messing with him because he’s about to be moving weight through Truth with Tommy. Kanan is cool with it as long as Dre keeps his mouth shut because the kicker is, Tommy, Ghost and Tasha still think Kanan is dead!

When Tariq wakes up, Kanan and Jukebox lie to him and say that he passed out because he couldn’t handle the “drink” they gave him.


The story they come up with for Tariq is that one of his friends thought it would be funny to take a photo of him asleep and tell Tasha that he was kidnapped. Tariq is free to go, and he still thinks that hanging out with Kanan is cute. long as he tells Tasha he was just hanging out with friends who thought it would be funny to send that picture. Tommy doesn’t buy it and grills Dre on where he really was. Dre is good at keeping the secret thus far, but we’re starting to fear for his safety. It feels like he might not make it to season five.

Proctor is on the job and his goal is to get Ghost out on bail. The story he plans to sell to the public is that James St. Patrick is a squeaky clean, legit club owner. It’s believable given that Jamie has never been busted, but killing a fed is a big deal. Plus, they found Ghost’s DNA on Greg’s body. Remember, he broke into Greg’s apartment to get audio that could incriminate Tommy, so things aren’t looking too good.  At the moment, it seems like Tasha is the only one who believes that Jamie is innocent because “Ghost would never kill a cop.” Tasha tries to get bail money legally, but it turns out that Jamie wiped out their portfolio in an effort to go straight. Problem is, he didn’t tell Tasha. He literally left a note that says, “I’m sorry Tasha, I’ll put it back.” Tasha thinks to break the children’s trust fund, but she can’t without a major penalty.


Things get worse for Jamie.  There’s a cop named Marshall Williams (played by Charlie Murphy, RIP) who is harassing him because he’s a “cop killer.”

Then the Feds barge into Tasha and Ghost’s swanky apartment to conduct a search. Angela had the nerve to show up with them and she’s as smug and self-righteous as ever, and had the nerve to claim that none of this personal, and we all live for the day that Tasha can finally drag her!


Tasha visits Jamie in prison to tell him about the raid. She’s pissed about everything yet she’s still sticking by him. The only solution he comes up with as far as money is to ask “Dean” for his money back. However, Dean is Milan, and Milan is dead. Tasha gets it though, and takes that code to Tommy to figure this out.

It’s important to note that there’s a new shady lawyer on the prosecution team. His name is John (played by Sung Kang from “Fast and Furious”), and he and Proctor are frenemies because Proctor has beat him before. John thinks he’s a big dog and is excited to be on the case because it’s finally his chance to beat Proctor. He tells Angela that she can help him with the case, but she can’t be on it officially given her conflict of interest. You know, she was romantically involved with Jamie and Greg! Messy.

We see John and company action at Jamie’s bail hearing. Proctor presents a good case to keep him out of jail. The judge almost considers house arrest, but John reminds her how heinous the crime he’s convicted of is so she has to make an example. Bail is denied. Meanwhile, Sandoval is watching this play out like [eyes]. Ghost asks Angela if she really thinks he did this, she says, “I know you did this.”

And once again we all have have visions of Tasha dragging her.


Dre meets up with Kanan to present him with his extortion money and implores him to stay away from Tariq. Kanan says he will, but we know that’s a lie.

And then the episode ends with Ghost getting jumped by Marshall Williams and another cop.

The mighty has fallen.

We’ll be back at it again next week.


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