Let’s Continue to Save our HBCUs! #StandWithBennett

Female Studnet with Classmates

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For many years some of our great HBCUs have struggled financially, unfortunately even to the point of shutting down or losing their accreditation. Bennett College, an all girl HBCU in Greensboro North Carolina, was almost on that list. Thankfully our community came together and was able to raise enough money to keep Bennett an accredited college.

Angie Ange, who is a graduate of Howard University, knows how important our HBCUs are and has asked for everyone to take some time to visit and donate to an HBCU. There are over 100 in America, including one in the Virgins Islands so the choices are endless.

Portrait confident male college student in anatomy laboratory classroom

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Head and shoulder of female teacher with mathematics equations on the chalkboard, Cape Town, South Africa

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