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There have been too many deaths of our young Black talents! There needs to be change within our community with guns and our health. With the recent passing of legendary film director John Singleton, due to Hyertension, there has to be more conversations about health in our community and culture.

Geoff Bennett, our NBC News correspondent, shares that among African-Americans, especially men, the numbers for hypertension are the highest in the world.

Hypertension is more sever and ends lives early among Black and Brown people. It’s known as a silent killer, you could have high blood pressure and not even know it. Geoff isn’t a doctor but he does give us some facts on how the pressures of systematic racism can harm the body as well. Listen to the full conversation below and make sure you go get yourself checked out on a REGULAR BASIS. You are your health’s #1 Ally! Put yourself first so you can be there for those you love!