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Oh happy day! And eccentric soul decided to stop by the QuickSilva Show. Guess who? None other than West Coast finest, SiR! For those of you who do not know SiR is an artist who is straight from the corners of the 60s in Inglewood, California. We discussed where he got this unique stage name from and he said his late grandmother named him. His full name is Sir Darryl Francis. SiR Felt that his name would give him a great mystery, kind of similar to the artist H.E.R. However, it was an issue in the beginning because a lot of people were trying to search him up but because there is such a broad name it was hard to target who the artist was; but now that’s situated. 

When it comes to his music he gives us, A Neil thaw, eccentric, powerful vibe. He boasted about how he comes from such a talented family. His family is quite musical, his mother is a pianist, and his siblings and cousins are gospel singers in the Inglewood area. As you can see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Not only is he a singer but he is a killer record producer and songwriter. He dropped his first EP in 2017, Then an album with his label in 2018. Fast forward to today, he just dropped his latest single off of his album titled, “Chasing Summer” and the single ‘Hair Down’ featuring Kendrick Lamar. 

We also decided to tap in to the conversation about the late Nipsey Hussle and his effect in the Inglewood/LA community. SiR talked about how he did not live too far away from Nipsey and when he was younger, about 15 years ago him and Nipsey Hussle would cross paths a lot so it was always an inspiration to see how Nipsey came from the area in which they resided in and turned himself into the man who does a lot for the community. The death is still not only bitter to him, but the entire community but he will always continue to extend love to Nipseys family. You can catch this interview on YouTube and stream his album on all platforms.