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Lyrica Anderson

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Lyrica Anderson is no stranger to the music industry, and her new album Bad Hair Day is a reflection of her growth inside and outside of the studio. From singing background for Jennifer Lopez, to stepping into her own limelight, it’s safe to say that Lyrica Anderson is showing all of her fans that she is here to stay with no bars held. 

Leading with singles Marriott and Act a Fool, Anderson’s fourth studio LP is composed of 11 tracks that shares the story of her womanhood, the emotional emancipation from her husband and album co-producer Floyd “A1” Bentley, and being empowered by the journey that had set out to destroy her. For those who may not have read the receipts, though she is known for her role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood franchise, Anderson is a well-respected and highly sought after songwriter whose pen game can be found on hits by Chris Brown, Tinashe, Keke Palmer, Tamia and, more recently, Beyonce’s Jealous.

Lyrica Anderson

Source: Medium Creative Agency / Medium Creative Agency

HelloBeautiful caught up with the Los Angeles native about Bad Hair Day, the inspiration behind the music and how a woman’s emotional journey can be impactful on her self-love and beauty regimen.

On the inspiration behind the music:

My truth, my story, and what I went through definitely inspired the music. This music is me giving my complete self to the world sonically, flaws and all. How can you not be inspired by that? (Laughs) Nothing is more important than being relatable when you’re trying to connect with fans.”

On the timely messaging of her music surrounding conversations of women’s rights and lack of protection for women:

“Very timely. I encourage women to show love as well as unity towards one another and definitely feel this is the time to speak out on women’s rights, specifically how we deserve to be treated. Mistreatment can start small. Something as simple as an inappropriate comment or misogynistic gestures can turn into full blown disrespect. It’s time to take a stand and my avenue of protest is my music.”

Lyrica Anderson

Source: Medium Creative Agency / Medium Creative Agency

On her reflection as her growth as an artist:

“I feel I’ve grown as an artist by tapping into my personal life and putting it on display for the world to see. I’ve touched on and mentioned things that I’ve experienced, but never to this extent. This freedom of expression only comes with maturity. What I wear and what I say is a reflection of that freedom. I’m finally free to be me.”

On the inspiration behind Bad Hair Day:

“This album is extremely personal to me for a handful of reasons. For one, it signifies the first time I took full control over my sound as well as my story. This time around I’m willing to share my truth and vulnerability with the world! Bad Hair Day is an idiom that things aren’t always perfect in life, especially in relationships. Life is just like hair; you have good hair days and bad ones.”

On hair as a reflection of her mental health:

“If my hair is doing it’s thing, you best believe I’m feeling untouchable. A bad hair day can throw anyone off, if you let it. It’s all about your perspective and your thought process. That being said, when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, always make sure you have a go to wig or hat that will make you feel like yourself even if your hair isn’t cooperating.”

On how a bad hair day can impact her mood and how she combats it:

“I’m human, so keeping it all the way real, if my hair isn’t coming together how I’d like it to, I’m going to be on edge. Not saying I’ll go out of my way to be rude, but yeah. A woman’s outer beauty is supposed to be a reflection of her inner beauty, but we’re all human so sometimes vanity gets the best of us. Like I said in the previous answer, if I wake up on the bad side of the bed, I b-line right to my favorite wig or hat.”

Lyrica Anderson

Source: Medium Creative Agency / Medium Creative Agency

On her favorite hair styles:

“My favorite? Great question (laughs) I’d probably say the bone straight look. It’s just something about that style. It makes me feel empowered, untouchable; and when you feel like that you don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.”

On how she’s been maintaining her hair during quarantine and throughout the summer:

“I have a pretty good grade of natural hair, so I just wore it as it is. Kept it free and wild. Outside of that, traditional protective styles like cornrows and twists.”

On her plans for maintenance during the fall season:

“To be honest, I’ll probably do some braids; I mean what’s more practical than that? Also – hats, hats, and more hats. That’s one of my favorite things about the temperature changing, fall/winter wardrobe.”


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