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New York’s very own Jim Jones lasting beef with Max B has resurfaced again after an interview he did with Jenny Boom Boom of Connecticut’s Hot 93.7 WZMX, this past Friday (Dec.4).

Jim Jones

Source: Bernard Beanz Smalls / Bernard Beanz Smalls,

The Jim Jones and Max B “beef” started back in the mid-2000’s, which erupted from an unfair contract and the formation of Jones’ ByrdGang. You would think after Jim Jones squashed his 15 year beef with French Montana, you would think, he would keep the same energy towards his once partner in crime Max B. Well, unfortunately that’s not the case. During the interview with Jenny Boom Boom, Jones made it very clear that he has no intentions on working with Max, when asked about a possible collaboration. “Nah,f*ck Max B. Max B can suck a ****. F*ck outta here”. He added “Ain’t nobody can tell me nothing about that the first thing I say, ya heard. That’s how you feel, that ends the deal for anybody. No Max talk in my conversations. Period”

In 2006 Max B was convicted for his part in a 2006 robbery/homicide and was sentence to 75 years in prison. Rumors of his release has been buzzing around the hip-hop community. But Jim Jones has made it very clear and uncut of his  scornfulness towards Max.

In 2017,  Jim Jones commented in a interview that Max could “die where he stand”.

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