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hoochie daddy shorts

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Hoochie daddy season is in full effect and boy, we didn’t know how much we appreciate hoochie daddy shorts. Hoochie daddy shorts are the latest fashion trend and social media craze taking over our feeds. And we couldn’t be happier. Hoochie daddy shorts are shorts above the knee that show off a man’s thighs and calves. While short shorts on men didn’t originate in 2022 (Twitter users have been sharing images from the 80s that show men rocking their short shorts), the term “hoochie daddy” makes it so much better.

While hoochie daddy shorts are a playful take on men’s fashion, and the men who don’t adhere to stereotypical fashion rules, there are some who feel the hoochie daddy trend isn’t masculine. One Twitter user wrote, “Bring back Masculinity! It’s men running around in hoochie daddy shorts & bedazzled belts. I’m quite disturbed by the lack of masculinity in today’s men. STAND UP!

Some members of the LGBTQ community aren’t quite feeling cisgender heterosexual men jumping on a trend they’ve faced harsh criticism for in the past.

“Str8 men need to pay reparations to gay men before I see any of them and their ashy a**, crunchy ass kneecaps in these hoochie daddy shorts this summer. What trend are they shaming now that they bout to hop on in three years? So boring and late. Lol,” on user tweeted.

Whatever your stance on hoochie daddy shorts, this Tik Tok user gave strict guidelines, including not skipping leg day, moisturizing, and steering clear of denim.

What say you? Are you feeling hoochie daddy shorts season?

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