About Dj Jo'Iyce

Good DJs play good music. Great DJs connect with people through great music. DC area DJ, Dj Jo\'Iyce decided a long time ago that he wanted to be nothing short of great. Through hard work, persistence and an ear for great music, DJ Jo’Iyce has been steadily establishing himself as one of the DMV’s rising, most anticipated DJs on the scene. After an attempt at a solo rap career and following a membership in the short lived music group 4 Cornerz, Jo’Iyce made a seemingly random decision that would jumpstart his DJ career. He purchased two turntables and a mixer not an exhilarating start to a life changing choice.

What began as a temporary past time, became a adventure that turned to a life changing decision. DJ Jo’Iyce’s resume now includes major gigs at some of DC’s most popular clubs, 2yr residency at Drais in Las Vegas , 5 tours with Future which branded him under the Freebandz stamp, to national events such as NBA All Star Weekend, CIAA events a more the list goes on. This coupled with his broadcast experience as a radio personality for 101.3 jamz (The Around the Block Rush) as well as his own internet radio show on SWURV RADIO (Arounddablockrush) . To appearing on television Fox 5 morning news as a Dj and Vh1\'s Lala\'s Full Court life, Revolts 420 concert series, Viceland Tv Noisey and more. DJ Jo’Iyce is steadily creating opportunities for his career to establish himself as a leading DJ in the in music as a whole. Work, relationships and accomplishments speaks for themselves; it’s Iyce’s turn now. \"Its Jo\'Iyce on your radio\"