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Pumpkin Nails by Nailed By Christy

Source: Nailed By Christy / Nailed by Christy

Our favorite time of the year is officially in full swing — say hello to the fall season! While most of us are busy planning show-stopping ensembles around our favorite knits, longline overcoats, and knee-high boots, it’s also time to pay attention to fall nail trends. After all, it’s only right that our nail beds are in proper formation for the season.

Truth be told, manicure hues and designs tend to shift with the weather, and fall is no exception. Summer nail trends range from neon nail colors and rainbow gradients to iridescent chrome designs and pastel shades. However, fall nail trends usher in cooler and neutral hues that complement the season’s aesthetic — all things pumpkin spice, hot chocolate beauty trends, and more.

“We love a glossy, rich shine for hot summer months, but just like with makeup, fall nails lend themselves to softer, more subdued looks,” founder and creator of PLA lash and nail care brand Michelle Nguyen told HelloBeautiful.

Thankfully, the possibilities are truly endless with fall nail trends. Hues such as burgundy, forest green, ginger, salamander, ocean blue, gray, mustard yellow, and sangria typically make the cut for classic fall manicures. That said, variety is the spice of life, so there’s always room to welcome trendy designs and nail art ideas into the mix to stand out from the pack.

Here at HelloBeautiful, we make it a point to help you keep your beauty game on lock. So, if you need help navigating fall nail trends in 2023, there’s no need to fret.

From traditional chocolatey browns to eye-catching metallic accents, we’ve compiled a list of five nail trends Nguyen and celebrity nail artist Patti Yankee think should be in your fall lookbook. You can also add your unique spin to some of these designs. So, bookmark this article for your next appointment with your manicurist. Happy scrolling!

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1. Tortoise Nails

Source:Courtesy of Nails x Golden Hour

It’s easy to see why tortoise nails are a hit for the fall season. The manicure combines a bold animal print with brown and orange hues that are right on-trend for the fall aesthetic. Plus, this mani is super-easy to add your DIY flair if you prefer to save a few coins.

“Summer was all about pool nails —nails that look like a refreshing pool you just want to jump into — so you can bring that beautiful reflective quality to fall with tortoise nails,” Nguyen told HelloBeautiful. “To make it your own with gel polish, use a light neutral color like one from PLA’s Fashionably Light collection and cure it under an LED lamp. Next, layer on a blooming gel (which helps the color disperse). Then, use a dotting tool to apply the dots to your nails — we recommend a rich burgundy, green, orange, or brown (or whatever fall shade is your favorite) to leave behind a super cool, refracted look! Then cure under a lamp, repeat the steps until the desired look is achieved, use a top coat, and cure one final time.”

2. Chocolate Brown Nails

Source:Courtesy of Celestial Nails ATX

You can never go wrong with a classic. For the nail mavens who love to keep things neutral in the nail department with a cozy feel that can pair with nearly everything in your fall wardrobe, look no further than the chocolate brown, aka hot chocolate manicure.

“Nothing says fall better than rich hues of brown,” Yankee says. “With so many shades of brown available for nails, you’ll surely find one that compliments any skin tone. You can also add different shades of chocolate brown to your manicure by adding swirls or painting nails alternate shades of brown that complement each other.”

3. Matte Nails

Source:Courtesy of Brittney Ellen

You can never go wrong with an understated manicure. Matte nails are a far cry from the glossy finishes we love, but the trend allows your textured looks to pop and gives your nail art designs the perfect canvas to steal the show.

“We’re loving the look of matte nails for fall at PLA,” the founder shared. “We love a glossy, rich shine for hot summer months, but just like with makeup, fall nails lend themselves to softer, more subdued looks. Use the PLA Matte Top Coat ($11.50, like the one from PLA over a solid or nail art look to get the look.”

4. Metallic Accents

Source:Courtesy of Paintbox Nails

We live for a pop of bling on our nail beds! One of the best ways to incorporate some shine into the mix is by welcoming metallic accents into the fold. Whether you want to add a bit of drama to a minimalist mani or simply love the idea of glistening nails, the shimmery element is enough to make your manicure do all of the talking.

“Gold and copper metal accents or chrome accents are the perfect way to highlight the golden shades of nature in autumn,” Yankee adds.

For the nail mavens that can’t resist a French manicure, the celebrity nail artist says that “micro French manicures are trending, and adding a chrome or metallic thin French line is sure to get your manicure noticed.”

5. Fall Nail Art

Source:Courtesy of NailsbyKey

Last but certainly not least, we have fall nail art. From pumpkins to plaid and multicolored leaves to color-blocked accents, you can utilize myriad fall elements to jazz up your mani. 

“If you’re skilled with nail art, pick up some Gel Liners like those from PLA to draw your favorite looks on your tips before setting with a Top Coat and LED lamp,” Nguyen shared.