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National Self-Care Day was created to remind us that pouring into ourselves should be treated as a necessity instead of a luxury. If you’re not used to it, self-care can feel like a reward for being overworked. But after a long week of surviving adulthood, it’s crucial to establish a sense of balance that prioritizes rest, relaxation, and maintenance.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Convenience is my go-to perk when I’ve exhausted my energy. I budget for services that will make my life easier by removing their execution from my plate. Instead of spending time at the laundromat or in the supermarket, I opt for wash-and-fold delivery services and Instacart. Some view this as an unnecessary luxury, but for me, it’s one less thing I have to worry about. During those days when I’ve spent the entire day behind a computer screen and cooking myself dinner is not an appealing option, I give myself permission to order food without guilt or judgement.

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8 Ways To Jumpstart National Relaxation Day

Often times, self-care can spark feelings of guilt, but the truth is you are worth the investment. Whether you’re treating yourself to a facial or spending cash on a babysitter for the night so you can indulge in a date night or time with the girls, doing things that genuinely restore your spirit is vital to how you show up in the world. We shouldn’t be out here with full plates and empty cups.

If your approach to self-care involves rewarding yourself for being productive, then you’re doing it wrong. Taking care of yourself is as important, if not more important, than taking care of anything else in this world. Adopting that mindset is the first step to effectively managing your routine. As the second step to prioritizing yourself, we’ve put together a list of five things you need to make your National Self-Care Day dreamy.

5 Things You Need To Make Your National Self Care Day Dreamy

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1. Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil Source:Amazon

When you’re ready to decompress from a long day of work, Hemp or CBD oil can work wonders. If you want to alleviate light aches and pains or simply relax your body, rubbing the oil on problem areas or the temples of your head can send you smooth sailing into la la land.


2. Beloved Vegan Body Wash

Beloved Vegan Body Wash Source:BELOVED

Remember when you’d grab your favorite body wash or dishwashing liquid and pour it into a tub of running water? Beloved’s vegan body wash takes that experience to the next level due to its scents that align with the vibe you want to create for yourself.

The Zen or Calm scents will set the tone for the girlies in desperate need of rest and relaxation. And if you’re seeking a luxurious pamper session, Indulge brings the vibe.

3. Be Rooted Journals

Be Rooted Journals Source:Courtesy of Be Rooted

Capturing your thoughts on paper helps serves many purposes. Writing can be a release for current thoughts and emotions stored inside of you. Recording things on paper can bring clarity and understanding to the themes in your life. 

The true beauty of journaling is that you can go back and review your progress and growth. Maybe you’re handling things differently than you once did or you’ve outgrown a thought process. 


4. Bath & Body Works Candles

Bath & Body Works Candles Source:Bath & Body Works

Self-care can literally be sitting down to binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix. If that series is Bridgerton, you can catch up on the old seasons while awaiting the new one by burning a sweetly scented Bath & Body Works candle. Netflix and BBW collaborated on a collection of fragrances, hand soaps, wallflower plug-ins, body washes, candles, and more.

5. Viarae Prosecco

Viarae Prosecco Source:Marsha B.

A chilled glass of Prosecco is most definitely self-care, and if you’re going to indulge, it might as well be a bottle from our good sis, Issa Rae. The entrepreneur recently launched a tasty bottle of bubbly, and it is the perfect addition to a dreamy day of self-care.