Hip-hop is reeling over the loss over the death of legendary emcee, Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest.

   Calling All Producers!!!!!! This may be the shot you have been waiting for!!   Music Mogul Diddy (aka Dr. Combs) is looking for you!!   Diddy recently made a special announcement via social media about his search for talented producers who have “Beats For The Gods” .     Diddy breaks down what he is […]

    Can you say “First Billionaire In Hip Hop”?    Hip Hop’s top 5 Wealthiest artists list is about to change.   Late Thursday night, sources began reporting that Apple has expressed interest in buying BEATS by Dre for 3.2 million dollars.     FORBES Magazine reports Apple’s $3.2B Beats Buy Would Make Dre […]

If you missed part 2 of R&B Divas LA, one of the most shocking moments was when Mi’Chele admitted that Dr. Dre broke her nose.

  Hip-Hop used to be all about originality and celebrating individuality. However, somewhere along the line, rappers starting coveting beats and flows that were hotter…

Like many of his fans, Lil Wayne has turned headphones into a ubiquitous fashion accessory, donning them during sporting events, award shows and the like, seemingly in his own world. The habit has paid off, as he now has his own branded pair of Beats By Dre headphones to sport with his jeggings and camouflage culottes. Weezy […]