Plus, Black Lives Matter Protester arrested on camera while giving interview, former Vanderbilt football player Corey Batey gets 15 years for rape and more news.

Richard Feldman, a former NRA lobbyist told The Post, “The NRA has always made a huge point of noting that our gun laws in this country have been discriminatory against blacks and women and other minorities. At this point, it’s probably better to be criticized for not saying anything than for saying something.”

Plus, NFL player pens powerful essay on rape in America and Oklahoma wannabe cop found guilty of killing Eric Harris.

Thankfully, the teen's wounds are non-threatening, but his mother has been taken in for questioning for "knowing" her son left the house with a fake weapon.

"It is not a crime for someone to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle," Brooklyn Borough President stressed at a press conference about the arrest.

From #BlackLivesMatter to #MemeHistory to #OscarsSoWhite, with our mere fingertips, African-Americans continue to control how the world communicates and shares information.

To make ends meet, the university must make serious budget cuts, institute a hiring freeze and not grant faculty and staff raises.

Charles Harrell says that racial profiling and harassment "is what we have to go through in Cincinnati.”