Kanye West has awakened the fame beast that lives in Ray J.

Kanye West's controversial track "Famous" has caused him a heap of problems this year with everyone from Taylor Swift to Ray J.

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.

Take a look back at the Young Money boss's inner circle over the years.


Taylor Swift got caught playing victim and now Kanye West is rubbing her face in it.


If you ask Amber, Kanye definitely called Taylor Swift to approve his "Famous" lyrics.

Another day, another opinion about the KimYe vs. Taylor Swift saga.

The Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift beef seems to be a never-ending saga.

Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat and shared audio of Taylor Swift Approving the Lyrics in Kanye’s latest single “Famous”. The internet is pretty much Broken! Related:  Damn, Girl: Kim Kardashian Calls Taylor Swift a Liar and Puts Her on Full Blast for ‘Playing the Victim’ Related: [Listen] Lil Mo: Taylor Swift Is A Thot

Kim Kardashian answered an age-old question for which we've all been trying to figure out the concrete answer: why is she famous?

Kanye West‘s “Famous” video was so full of shock value that even people who aren’t in the visual feel violated. Ray J‘s manager, Wack 100, is one of the first to speak out against the now infamous video. Ray was in downtown L.A. when TMZ asked what he thought of his nude doppelgänger appearance in Kanye’s vid. As […]

To no one's surprise, Chyna and Rob Kardashian's upcoming reality show spin-off came with a price – a Kardashian-sized price.