karrine supahead steffans

It looks like it finally a wrap for Lil Wayne and Karrine “Supahead” Steffans. You know over the past couple of years, these two have been a staple in each other lives. One minute, she is saying how she loves him and he’s rapping about her in his songs, next thing you know she is […]

They say there is nothing worth than a women scorned, and if you have followed the career of Karrine “Supahead” Steffans, you know she has some reasons to be scorned. While just last week, she put her ol-fling, Yung Berg, on blast for putting his hands on her, it seems that she has already moved […]

It looks like there is trouble in paradise between Karrine Steffans and his newest project, Yung Berg. It was all good just a few weeks ago between the couple as Berg was spotted spending his life savings on the former video vixen/author/Lil Wayne sex slave. Earlier this week, Karrine posted a picture of Berg on […]

If you don’t know, Karrine “SupaHead” Steffans is working on her next book, How To Make Love To A Martian. You guessed it, it’s about her boo, Lil Wayne. In an excerpt from the book, she admits to getting pregnant by “The Martian” while being married to another man. Get Informed with the details, and […]