Kesha has temporarily given up pursuing her lawsuit against her former producer Dr. Luke.

Kesha was scheduled to perform at the the 2016 Billboard Music Awards but that opportunity might be in danger.

Dr. Luke has reportedly filed a motion to see Kesha's medical records in an attempt to discredit her claims of sexual assault.

It appears there's one portion of Kesha's claims that might still be in play.

Kesha was struck another losing blow in her ongoing case against Sony and Dr. Luke.

It seems as if the Kesha saga grows more and more complicated by the day.

Gwen Stefani is still holding onto the details of her divorce with Gavin Rossdale. She and Gavin split last year after she allegedly caught him cheating on her with the nanny. Gwen says the details of her divorce are "a really good, juicy story."

The rumor mill is buzzing with news of Dr. Luke potentially being dropped from the Sony

"I don't know what I would do, without you," sings Kesha.

Lady Gaga has joined the prominent group of celebrities in support of Kesha.